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pdfOregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Trout Stocking SchedulepdfUmatilla River Watershed Easy Angling | Northeast Zone

Cold Springs Reservoir

This reservoir just east of Hermiston has the potential to produce great numbers of crappie around submerged structure as well as good fishing for bullhead catfish. There are a few bass and other warm water fish here as well.

Columbia River

The area just below and above the McNary Dam has fishing for walleye and smallmouth bass. A modest number of salmon and steelhead pass through the area while traveling the Umatilla River heading toward the Columbia and Snake Rivers.

Hat Rock Pond/Hat Rock State Park 

Six-acre pond located in the Hat Rock State Park, along the Columbia River above McNary Dam.

Jubilee Lake

Located near the summit of the Blue Mountains at 4,696 feet, the lake can be snowbound until mid-June. It has a low bank, with excellent fishing access.  In June and July fish can be caught anywhere in the lake, then as the water warms in August better fishing can be found in the deeper water near the dam at the southeast side of the lake.

McKay Creek ReservoirMcKay Reservoir

The reservoir is located 6 miles (9.7 km) south of Pendleton on U.S. Route 395. The reservoir has a capacity of 65,534 acre feet (80,835,000 m3) of water. The reservoir and land that immediately surrounds it are designated as the McKay Creek National Wildlife Refuge; it is closed from October through February. This reservoir is listed among the region’s best fisheries.

McNary Channel Ponds

The ponds are located in a park that provides a excellent bank access from a trail network along the Columbia River. The park is between McNary Dam and Interstate 82 (Highway 395), just east of Umatilla. The ponds are fished for both stocked trout and a variety of warm water game fish.

Umatilla Forest Ponds

Several small ponds in the national forest, including several on either side of Ukiah, are stocked with rainbow trout during the spring. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Umatilla Ponds stocking sites (.pdf)

Umatilla RiverUmatilla River

In its lower reaches, the Umatilla River offers steelhead and Coho and fall Chinook salmon angling. The season on spring Chinook varies from year to year, depending on run projections made by state fishery mangers. The upper river has a nice population of rainbow trout, as well as lots of whitefish and some bull trout. Fall Chinook salmon and Coho salmon are in the river from August through December, peaking in October and November.

Walla Walla River | South Fork

The Oregon section of the Walla Walla River, in the section of the Blue Mountains southeast of Milton-Freewater, is where you’ll find trout fishing.

Weston Pond

This lake is located about 12 miles from Athena and is stocked with rainbow trout a couple of times each spring. Bank access about 15-miles east of Weston on Oregon Route 204 (Weston-Elgin Highway). Fly fishing, bait casting, spinning.

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